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ACA Replacement Will Slash Behavioral Health Services

From the National Council Capitol Connector: ACA Replacement Bill Slashes Medicaid, Behavioral Health Services By Stephanie Pellitt On Monday, the U.S. House released the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The bill contains provisions that, if enacted, could devastate Americans’ mental health and addiction coverage and care. […]

Beyond the Data – Opioids and Women

Dr. John Iskander and Dr. Mishka Terplan, discuss how the opioid epidemic is impacting women differently than men. Tune in to hear how women’s gender and biological differences need to be considered when providing care and recommending policy on federal, state, and local levels.         https://youtu.be/jGxbodrkRWo

ACA’s repeal would devastate fight against opioid addiction, researchers find

From The Morning Call: ACA’s repeal would devastate fight against opioid addiction, researchers find by Sam Kennedy Funding for mental illness and opioid addiction treatment in Pennsylvania will take a big hit if the Affordable Care Act is repealed, according to research published this week by Harvard Medical School. More than 181,000 Pennsylvania residents with […]

Naloxone free to U.S. High Schools

From U.S. News & World Report: Coming to a High School Near You: Drugs that Reverse Heroin Overdoses Naloxone will be offered for free to all U.S. high schools – but how many will accept? A nasal spray that quickly reverses an overdose from heroin and prescription painkillers is being offered for free to high […]

Obama and Macklemore tackle opioid crisis in MTV documentary

Multi-platinum artist and recovering addict Macklemore tackles addiction in a new MTV documentary. The hour-long film goes inside America’s opioid epidemic, meets those living with addiction, and heads to Washington D.C. for an discussion with President Obama on this important issue. Macklemore served as executive producer of the documentary. ‘Prescription for Change: Ending America’s Opioid […]

Accidental addicts: Local, state and federal officials are taking action to reduce drug abuse deaths caused overwhelmingly by MD-prescribed pain meds

From SpotlightNews.com <<On Thursday, June 2, an official toxicology report released by the Midwest Medical Examiners Office revealed that the 57-year-old artist Prince died at his home in Minnesota last April of an accidental opiate overdose—making the iconic music legend perhaps the most recognizable victim in a tidal wave of opioid abuse and overdose that […]